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Liat Hughes Joshi Author/ Journalist/ Commentator



Liat's most recent books:


5-Minute Parenting Fixes (Summersdale, February 2018).

A quick, informative and reliable way to get answers to all the key parenting problems involving 7-16 year-olds. With lots of graphics and an eye-catching layout, none of the solutions should take more than a few minutes to read.


How to Unplug Your Child (Summersdale, May 2015). All about managing your family's tech use and featuring alternative 'offline' activities for all age groups.


New Old-fashioned Parenting, was published by Summersdale/ Vie in February 2015, with coverage in national newspapers and magazines from the UK to Australia and Chile. Find out more by clicking here.


Examines the main parenting dilemmas of our times, as well as comparing family life now to that of a generation ago. Why has childhood and parenting changed so rapidly and is this all a good thing for our children? Packed with practical advice and solutions drawing on a mix of traditional and modern childrearing approaches, with a dose of fresh thinking thrown in.


Raising Children: The Primary Years (Pearson/ Prentice Hall Life) came out in January 2011. A chatty yet informative guide to parenting four to 11-year-olds covering everything from how to get them to do their homework to stopping them bl**dy swearing.


Liat's first book was What to Buy for Your Baby, initally published by White Ladder Press/ Crimson in September 2008. The improved  and updated second edition came out in September 2012, published by Carroll&Brown. After their acquisition, this is now out of print but an e-book will be available soon.  




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